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It was 1997 and I was 17 almost 18, still a virgin id had the odd fingering off lads normally in the park after a bottle of cider, it was never anything to get me going, lads at that age never thought about pleasuring you it was just to see how many fingers they could put inside you, once that was over with I’d reward their rough fingering with a wank. not a fair deal in my book but I never had the urge to go the full way.
I’d been a tea time girl for a family since I was 15 tea time girl is basically where you go round to a well off family after school/college and help out with their kids, I’d make them tea, keep them entertained then get them bathed and ready for bed the family I worked for had full time jobs and businesses so when I’d get there jo the Mum would go out to the office and Dad Barry would get home around half 5 once the girls were ready for bed I was done.
Barry was in his late 30’s and bit of a silver fox I fancied him he’d always look at me and I believed he fancied me too even while I was at school although nothing ever happened (no need for the police), not until I was 17 anyway. I’d been in town and was on the tram home on my own as my friend had copped off, Barry was on the tram too with some of his mates he was bladdered and making suggestive remarks showing off in front of his mates not that I minded, we got off at the same stop and he could hardly walk so I suggested getting a taxi as it was a 20 minute walk to his house and he was far too pissed! I walked him to the taxi rank and we got in a cab first to his and then I’d carry it on to mine as we got in the back of the cab he gave me £10 for the fare and I thanked him, he started to rub my legs (I had a short skirt on) I didn’t stop him I was enjoying it. The journey only lasted 5 mins as he got out he kissed me on the lips for about 10 seconds I held his face to assure him I was happy with it. I went to work for them as normal and nothing was mentioned when we were alone I started to wonder if he even remembered! It was about 2 months after the taxi incident, it was Friday and I’d gone round as normal Jo’s car wasn’t there “great” I thought I’d have to wait around this had happened before, as there wasn’t really mobiles around then I’d just have to wait if she was running late, I sat on the doorstep waiting about 20 mins later Barry pulled up looking confused, “hi what’s up?” He said “I’m here to work jo isn’t here is she running late?” “She’s Gone to her mums for the weekend with the kids, they left after school, did she not tell you?” He said. “No, she didn’t” I said and she genuinely didn’t, it was payday too my going out money for weekend there’s no way she told me otherwise I’d have asked for my wages! “Come in” he said after I’d explained that I needed my wages “I’ll sort your money out and drop you at home” he said he’d pay me for today too after being messed about, I told him there was no need but he insisted so I said I’d clean the playroom up and sort the morning dishes out so then I didn’t feel like he was paying me for nothing, “fine” he said “I’ll just go and get a shower and get changed then I’ll drop you off” there was pasta and a sauce out on the side which I assumed was Barry’s tea so I put it on the hob and started to boil it for him I started to fantasise he was my husband and I was making his tea for him. He came downstairs I told him his pasta was almost done and not to worry about dropping me off I said I’d walk, he asked me to join him for dinner obviously I agreed. He opened a bottle of red wine and poured me a glass, I was used to blue WKDs at that time so I found it vile but acted like i loved it (trying to be grown up). The conversation flowed I was enjoying his company, I got up to tidy the dishes away as he poured some more wine as I went back to collect his plate he thanked me and I stroked his hair and said you’re welcome, his eyes were all over me as I rinsed the dishes I wasn’t dressed sexy just jeans and a vest top. Feeling confident after his wine he came behind me at the sink and stroked my hair he moved my hair to expose my neck and started to softly kiss it and nibble my ear, his hand slid under my top and stroked my stomach his hand slowly moved up and cupped my boob kissing my neck still, his hand went inside my bra and he rubbed my tits and squeezed my nipple. Heaven. Still behind me he pulled up my vest top and took it off kissing my back he undid my bra the water in the sink still running he moved us closer to the sink and ran his hands under the cold tap, collecting some water he splashed it all over my tits and stomach and then turned me round to face him, my nipples hard from the cold water dripping off them he started to suck and lick at my breasts I moaned with delight as he did this I was so turned on, he came back up and kissed me I held his face as our tongues met it was the most passionate kiss I’ve ever had to this day! He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him as he held my bottom I gyrated up and down on his dick. Still kissing he carried me upstairs to his bedroom and lay me on his bed, he lay on top off me kissing me down my neck my boobs my stomach while he undid my jeans and peeled them down, I had the most unsexy knickers on! He licked my vagina over my knickers and down between my thighs he slowly kissed me all the way down to my feet where he slowly sucked on my toe. He turned me over and kissed all the way down my back and moved my knees up so I was now lay on all fours with my bottom in the air. He peeled my knickers down and took them off gently biting and smacking my bum. He took his tongue And licked me from the top of my vagina all the way round to my bum hole big long strokes all while I was lay with my bum in the air it felt amazing. After a few minutes he turned me back over into my back kissing me again all the way down to my vagina which was aching for him, he again gently licked me all around my clit poking his tongue around my tight hole I could feel my body tensing, I knew I was about to come, I’d orgasmed before but only through masterbation. I came so hard it was the most amazing feeling I’d ever had it lasted so much longer than when I’d done it myself and felt so much harder I moaned and groaned like never before. He just lay on my thigh looking inside me telling me how beautiful my fanny was I opened my legs wider so he could see how wet he’d made me I was the horneist I’d ever been. He asked me if I was a virgin I told him I was but that I wanted him to fuck me, he said “jess I’m not gonna fuck you, I’m going to make love to you, your virginity is a precious thing and I want you to remember it as a good experience” he moved his way back up to face me and we kissed I put my hand down his shorts he was hard it felt so big, (in actual fact it was average if not below) just felt big to me at the time. He told me to go on top as it would be better for me to control how deep he went as he didn’t want to hurt me, I moved down to give him a blowjob first, it was the first time I’d had a dick in my mouth I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right I just kind of copied what I’d seen in porn, his moans were making me think I was doing a pretty good job 😉 I climbed on top of him and guided him inside me it was a mixture of pleasure and pain I was careful not to go too deep but I was so wet and taking his cock out and rubbing it on my clit was making me want to ride him fast and hard, after a while I just took it all in, it stung it really did but I kept going just moving slowly up and down, he kept sliding out of me which was a gentle relief for a few seconds but then he’d go back inside me and I’d feel the pain again, it got easier and I started to feel more pleasure than pain. He asked me to lay on my back to change position as I did I knew I’d bled not a huge amount but there was definitely blood. He went back down on me licking me clean he told me to tell him when I was about to come, mmm I was in heaven I was no longer a virgin and a hot older guy was licking me out I felt so sexy as I ran my fingers through his hair, I was tending again “I’m gonna cum baby” I gasped. He stopped and climbed on top of me entering me slowly oh I was yearning for his dick, this time I grabbed his bum to push him in further “faster” I told him and he sped up thrusting deep inside me I felt a slight pain again but I was about to cum so I didn’t care. I had a massive orgasm it lasted forever as I was enjoying the sensation all over my body he came too he came inside me I could feel the warmth and I rubbed my clit and came again. This was the start of a 3 year affair with Barry we’d go on to have the most amazing sex life together I loved him desperately and I know he loved me too. I moved into a flat which he helped me to pay for I’d see him at least 3 times a week he told me he’d leave jo once the kids were old enough to understand, this was fine with me I didn’t expect more from him I never felt neglected he gave me everything I needed he’d often take me away for the weekend when his wife was away at her mothers and it would be like we were a normal married couple the only difference being we’d have A LOT of sex a lot of good sex. Our affair eventually came to an end which still saddens me however that’s another story I’d like to tell as it again involves some amazing sex which im sure some of you would find a turn on.

3 years into my affair with Barry he has a big holiday planned to Florida with his family, he’d told me about it last year and I was fine about it he’d been away before and I coped, this time he would be away for 3 weeks. As the time got closer to his holiday I was starting to get slightly jealous and angry that I wouldn’t see him for 3 weeks. It was my birthday the month before he was leaving and he took me to venice for the weekend we had a great time, lots of meals drinks and sex I fell in love with him even more that weekend, we made love every morning and every night, I never looked at anyone else he was all I desired just looking at him turned me on, and at that point he was the only man I’d ever slept with. The week leading up to his holiday he came around more often and stayed longer I don’t know if this was because he could tell I was unhappy about the holiday or because he was going to miss me too, he was so lovely that week it was hard to be angry with him. On the last night we just fucked and fucked and fucked some more I kissed him for about 30 minutes at the door as he said goodbye he said he’d call me.

It about 6 days in before I got that phone call and I wish he hadn’t bothered it was all a bit rushed and he wasn’t telling me that he loved me, I know now it was because his kids were there and his wife in the next room, he was talking to me like I was a colleague which angered me then I heard HER she said “are you ready babe?” I turned red with anger and shouted “what the fuck! Why is she calling you babe?!” He stuttered “I’ll call you later” “DONT BOTHER” was my reply. Who did she think she was calling my man babe I thought, completely bypassing the fact she was his wife! I did pathetically wait for his next call but it never came. I imagined all sorts him fucking her every night, falling in love with her all over again and telling me it was over between us when he got back. I was so upset I cried solid for 2 days, After the 2nd day of crying I pulled myself together my mates were telling me to “fuck him off” “he’s old” “never gonna leave his wife” I started to panic, what if he does dump me and I never meet anyone again? I missed having sex I was horny, I’d end up having 4 one night stands this week. I decided to take my friends advice and go out with them to town it was student night at Piccadilly 21s we wasn’t in there long when a lad with bleach blonde hair caught my eye, he came over and we started snogging his name was Alex, we went and sat over on the couch snogging each other’s face off he was making me so horny, I felt his dick and it was clear he was horny too. We left the club and went to nearby Piccadilly gardens it used to be quite enclosed then with a few bushes I moved my knickers to the side and knelt on top of him his dick felt so good inside me, just as we were getting a rhythm some local teenage scallies came over laughing and pointing “go on mate fuck the little slag” “fuck off” I shouted they didn’t they just stood there throwing sticks, Urgh the moment was gone so I went back inside to find my mates and got a taxi home! I woke up the next day even hornier still desperate for Barry to come home. I went to work that night, I worked in a bar/restaurant at the time, I didn’t even think about sex that night as I was so busy, until that is Aaron one of the bouncers brushed past me as I was going to the toilet, he was tall dark and fit but had a girlfriend. I started to fantasise about him so decided to go downstairs and keep him company, it was dead and everyone was upstairs enjoying last orders, the conversation got flirty and I went in for a kiss he kissed me back and I immediately unzipped his pants and felt his dick he groaned and we moved round the back to the fire exit I got down and started sucking his hardening dick he pulled me up and raised my leg up as he pulled my knickers off one leg and started fucking me just as I was getting going he came “great” I thought. he apologised and got on his knees and licked me out I didn’t come I was in an awkward position so I had to fake it. 2 one night stands in and I’m pining for Barry’s touch more than ever! Despite not having a single orgasm it didn’t put me off my next one was 2 days later I went to town again with my mates they all copped off I didn’t “why do I bother” I thought I got in a cab home from town jumped in the front it was a youngish Asian driver full of beans, didn’t shut up asked me where I’d been, so I told him that everyone had copped off and not me “what! You’re beautiful, you could cop off in an empty room” haha he made me laugh I ended up telling him all about Barry and how I just wanted a shag, he started to rub my leg as he talked, it wasn’t sleazy at all and I felt comfortable him doin it, so comfortable I parted my legs slightly “you’re a bit naughty you” he laughed. “Just fuck me” I thought. As we continued his hand wandered closer to my knickers. “Are you ok with this” he said “mmm” I groaned and lay my head back with my eyes closed. He put his hand into my knickers and played around, next thing the car stopped and we were down a back street near a park he kissed me and asked if I wanted to get in the back. He sat in the back already hard he pulled his pants down as I removed my knickers and got on top off him, there was no room to move about so we left the car and went into the park, I lay down with my legs open and he lay on top of me slowly fucking me I was enjoying it I just hoped it’d last, it didn’t he pulled out as he was about to cum and asked me to suck his dick, I did and he came in my mouth asking me to swallow it. No orgasm for me again! Although I wasn’t climaxing I was enjoying being intimate with different men of course if Barry was here I wouldn’t need to but I didn’t want to stop just yet. So my 4th one night stand of the week I thought Barry was older he knew how to make me cum every time maybe it was an older guy I needed, so I dressed up and headed to town alone, I went to a wine bar full of older people and I ordered a red wine, a lot of men looked at me but non had the courage to come over apart from one guy who introduced himself as James he said he was 51 but looked a bit older he had thick grey hair and was slightly overweight not the hottest guy in there but the only one who had the courage to come over, he offered me a drink he was married and very honest about it he had no kids and was in town for a few days on business he lived in Lincoln, we got quite merry and he asked if I wanted to go somewhere with better music, I agreed. We ended up in a dark club off a side street he couldn’t dance bless him but he tried, he went in for a kiss and I kiss him and licked his lips seductively he couldn’t believe his luck and kept telling me so, after the kiss he couldn’t keep his hands off me they were in my bra up my skirt, as we danced I put my hand in his pants to feel his dick it was a good size and I whispered to him that I wanted him to take me back to his hotel and spend the rest of the night fucking me with that big dick of his. Off we went to his hotel it was a massive suite in a gorgeous city centre hotel, he was sweating after the club and insisted he have a shower as he did I stripped off and lay on the massive bed with a glass of sparkling wine from the mini bar, he comes out of the shower with a towel round his waist, I sit on the end of the bed and order him to his knees to lick me which he does fabulously I’m so turned on by him, he then sits next to me on the bed as I start to wank him there was no way I was going to suck him just yet, I want my pleasure 1st. His dick was massive compared to Barry’s but I figured it’d be ok after the amount of sex we’d have over the last 3 years I must be stretched enough to take it. I lay back in the bed and he continues to lick me as I ruffle his hair, I’m close to Climaxing I make him lie back as I mount him and take all of him inside of me, wow it stings but feels good I slowly move up and down him I have to keep taking him out of me as the sting starts to burn, I rub my clit up and down his dick and put it back in, i keep doing this in and out of me up and down my clit, as his dick runs down my clit I start to come I can’t help it, mmmm i moan it felt good not amazing but good enough I wanted an orgasm from penetration so I put him back inside me and take as much of him as I can he starts to thrust harder and faster it feels good his body starts to jerk and he cums inside me I rub my clit with my fingers and cum again as his sperm fills me up it trickles down my leg it feels like there’s gallons of the stuff coming out of him. He takes his dick out of me and I turn round to suck him dry in the 69 position while he cleans me up with his tongue. I’m happy with this one night stand I thought to myself. I jumped in the shower to clean up and put on a robe, I wasn’t ready to go home it was such a nice room I thought I might as well stay the night, I sat down on the couch and James came and lay with his head on my lap I stroked his hair and for the 1st time that evening my mind went back to Barry, that is how he’d lay when he was over at mine watching tv he loved me playing with his hair and he’d always release my boobs so they were dangling over his face, he play with them and suck on my nipple which would always lead to sex. As James lay on my lap I continued to play with his hair I slip my gown open to expose a breast which brushed against his face and as expected he took it in his mouth like a hungry baby he sucked each one. I was ready for him again, we moved over to the bed and I turned around so he could kiss my back and play with my tits, he moved his hand down to my fanny I could feel him getting hard, he entered me from behind and slowly fucked me I groaned with pleasure it felt amazing while he continued to play with my clit I quickly orgasmed he wasn’t far behind and loaded me with his semen again, it was all over my bum, my legs the bed, we stayed in that position and soon drifted off to sleep, waking to the sound of James’ alarm at 6am. I could barely move we’d must have got 3 hours sleep at the most, he left me in bed while he showered and got changed. I started to get ready too and he asked if I’d like to see him again, “sure” I said, he said he was going to be in Harrogate in 2 weeks time for golf, he was staying at a huge hotel and invited me for the day he said I could spend the day in the spa while he played golf and then spend the evening together, I was certainly up for it if it turned out Barry was going to finish things, he left his card with his phone numbers on and asked me to let him know for sure, he ordered me a taxi and gave me some money for it I gave him a kiss and thanked him for a gorgeous evening.
I was working that evening, only 3 days before I’d see Barry again. When I got home from work that night I thought about my evening with James it made me moist thinking about the sex we had and I felt guilty for betraying Barry.

Now this is where my life changed forever.

I hadn’t heard the door downstairs nor did I hear anyone walking up the stairs, I wasn’t expecting anyone the only person that had a key was Barry and he wasn’t back until Sunday, it was Saturday morning. As Karl and I were going at it we were being watched through an opening in the living room door it was Barry he’d been there a few minutes I’d later find out, however I’d not seen him until I lifted my head up to scream out as I climaxed. Shit. I didn’t know what to do I didn’t want my orgasm to stop I also didn’t want Barry to see me orgasming with someone else, the boys still hadn’t noticed him there. I let my orgasm finish screaming in delight while Barry looked on, once it ended I jumped up and he walked in he’d not noticed dean in the corner wanking at first, when he did he shouted “what the fuck is going on?!” Dean jumped up “eyaa who the fuck are you” “my landlord” I said. “Just go I’ll speak to you later” I said keen not to start a big brawl as Barry would have no chance! “Get the fuck out mate” Karl shouted. The door slammed he was gone, I felt sick. The boys ordered a taxi and Karl left his number and said to call him tomorrow and we could meet up, no chance I thought I need to sort things out with Barry. I was in tears after they’d gone now I really did feel like a slut. I waited and waited for Barry to come back I called his house number his wife kept answering so I’d hang up. Sunday came and he’d still not been I called the house again he answered “Barry it’s me” “don’t call this number again you slag it’s over” he said. I was devastated. It was Tuesday when he finally came over he looked awful I’d really hurt him he was crying, I explained my reasons I thought he was going to end it as he’d not called, he explained that it was difficult while he was away to get time alone, we argued for hours he kept crying telling me he loved me etc. I just held him in the end I couldn’t be angry with him he was my man I loved him. We made love that night and it felt right it felt good, I never told him about the other men I’d fucked during his time away. After we had sex I asked him if he’d fucked his wife while away I told him to be honest, “once or twice” he said why didn’t he just lie to me? Maybe he wanted to hurt me who knows but I was furious we argued again and I asked him to leave. At this point I was seriously considering that night away in Harrogate with James! We eventually got back to normal he’d come round a few nights a week something g had changed though I felt angry with him and he was angry with me he was so jealous about the threesome he’d witnessed he couldn’t get it out of his head. I’d started to see Karl (without dean) a couple of nights he took me to the cinema and out for drives etc like proper dates not just sex, we did have sex of course too and it was amazing sex like it was that first night he was so good in bed and left me wanting more. After a few months he wanted us to be exclusive he told me he was only seeing me, i of course was still regularly having sex with Barry I told Karl the truth he took it quite well but asked me to end it, I told him I’d have to find somewhere else to live as Barry paid for the flat, “move in with me” he said I’d fallen for him yes he was a scally and earned his money being a criminal but he treated me good so I agreed. We planned it for the end of the week I told him I’d tell Barry and start packing my stuff ready for Karl to pick me up on Friday in a van.

How was I going to end things with barry? I started to panic I loved him too but I had to be real he may never leave his wife! Barry came round 3 nights that week and I couldn’t do it, the last night he came he told me he was staying over I’d cooked him a meal I knew this was our last night I was being picked up in 2 days with all my belongings. He was being so lovely to me it was as if he knew after dinner we sat on the couch to watch a film he lay on my lap as o played with his hair stroking the stubble on his face I realised how much I was going to miss him, the film ended and we put on the radio, he just lay on my lap still as we listened to music, as usual he got my breasts out to play with and I pushed one in his mouth knowing this would be the last time we’d be in this position I knew how much he loved lying in my lap sucking my tits so I allowed him to suck as long as he wanted to. I reached down to feel his stiffening dick I asked him if he wanted me to suck it for him, of course he did, I took him all in my mouth enjoying every inch of him I could have sucked him for hours, I stripped off as he went down on me too I caressed his head as he licked me opening my legs as wide as I could, he lay on the carpet as I got on top of him and slowly made love to him I’ll never forget this moment Chris isaak ‘wicked games’ came on the radio as we slowly had sex it was amazing and sensual I told him how much I loved him and how good he made me feel and how much I loved the way he made love to me, we both came I came again and again I cried as I came but i hid my tears from him, that was the last time I’d ever feel love like that.
He stayed over and we made love again the next morning before he left it was moe rushed up against the wall quite an angry fuck but a good one, I never saw Barry again. I left a note it said “Barry I’m so sorry I can’t do this anymore, I love you again and again, I’ll never forget you”

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