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She was bound by the contract to do the forbidden…
Mr. Sam was adamant and wanted a one night stand with me. As we were bound by the agreement we have to give whatever demanded by Mr. Sam. So we had to agree to it. On the day both of us came to Mr. Sam’s house. He was quite straight forward and told us that he has the right to enjoy me as he likes in any way he likes for the night. He asked her husband not to worry and collect me in the morning and he will take good care of his beautiful wife that’s me.My husband requested Mr. Sam not to hurt me. He answered that he will have some rough bondage sex which may hurt a little but not much. He asked my husband to go and come in the morning. After he left I went in with Mr. Sam. I was frightened. He took me to the large bed room, and asked me to sit. When I kept standing he said that I should obey him or I will be punished. There was coldness in his voice which frightened me. I sat down in the bed. He explained me that he will act out a long unfulfilled fantasy with me. He explained that I had to act as a kidnapped young collage girl. He did not explain more than this and handed me a short sleeveless buttoned top and a soft buttoned flowing skirt, no inner were. When I asked for inner were he said that they are not needed. He asked me to change in it. I went to the side room and changed in it. I felt almost naked in it. I was ashamed to come out in front of him. Please come and be seated. I was a little hesitant. Mr. Sam repeated that I should obey him or I will be punished. I was afraid to ask what will be the punishment, and obeyed him. He said that I am completely under his power and should not resist anything. He took a piece of cloth and blind folded me. He now led me to the big double bed and laid me on my back. Put your hands above your head and spread your legs, he ordered. Knowing resisting him was use less as he was power full enough to subdue me in moments, I put my arms above my head. He pulled my arms by gripping both my wrists and then I felt him tying my wrists to the bed railings. I asked him why he is tying me up. He did not answer. I felt rope being tied to my ankle. I tried to pull my legs, but it was too late. . He pulled the rope to spread my thighs real wide and tied to the rope to the lower railing. This caused some discomfort to me as I tried to close my thighs in vain. When I asked why he is tying me as I will not resist anything and surrender to him, he answered that this is to ensure that he can enjoy me to the fullest extent in any which way he likes and I may not hinder his enjoyment even unintentionally, and anyway I am supposed to be a kidnapped college girl. Again I requested him not to hurt me. He laughed and said to day I have to endure a lot. This pervert now has me tied helplessly in almost naked condition in his bed. I felt his hot perspiring hands in the uncovered portion of my stomach between the short top and the skirt waist. The short sleeveless top completely lay bare my clean arm pits and large part of my breasts, which are anyway only four dainty buttons away from being totally laid bare. I felt his hot moist palm creeping under the top, finger tips touching my breasts. He pulled down the skirt a little lying bare my abdomen and navel. He started praising my beauty. He praised my flawless , unblemished milky white skin my clean satin smooth armpits, shapely breasts, my narrow waist, deep navel, flat albatross white abdomen, which fluttered occasionally. His hands are now on my thighs he felt them over the skirt. He felt the flexing soft yielding muscle of my thighs. He started to talk dirty. He gave a commentary of what he is going to do with me. He will unbutton the top and look at my beautiful breasts and take good care by kneading, kissing and sucking them. He will kiss and lick my clean smooth arm pits and kiss my beautiful deep navel and soft abdomen. He will insert his tongue in my navel and then slowly unbutton my skirt to reveal the seat of love hidden between my beautiful thighs. He will caress and kiss my thighs slowly upwards till he reach the triangular seat of love, and then he will suck my love juice. I broke into cold sweat hearing his description. I started to shiver when he started his lecherous act. He started to open my top button one by one, and as the last button is opened he put the flaps of the top on both side of my body baring my breasts .Taking advantage of my tied and stretched hands he rubbed kissed and licked my clean satin smooth armpits Again I did not offer any resistance ratmy could not offer as I was tied spread eagled helplessly over the bed and allowed him to handle my soft, beautiful body as he like. I have to give him full access to every nook and corner of my body and he took full advantage of my helplessness. Every square inch of my soft, beautiful body was explored by his hand, finger, lips and tongue and teeth. He touched me in places of my body, I never knew existed and never touched even my husband. .He ordered me to yield my body to his every touch He started at my lips, face and neck. Kissing and licking. He rubbed the back of my neck. This made me relax .He fondled, cupped, squeezed, massaged and kneaded my pert breasts. He kissed, sucked and licked my taught pink nipples repeatedly, making my shiver. He did not ignore my clean satin smooth armpits, nuzzling, kissing and licking them. He inflicted painful love bites to my lips, face, neck, year lobes, armpits, breasts, nipples, abdomen and flanks. Lower down he bit my soft inner thighs. I endured all the bites except the bites in my nipples, armpits and inner thighs as they are very soft and sensitive part of the body. When bitten in these parts of the body, I writhed in pain and tried to jerk free my tied wrists. But so skillfully he has tied me that I can hardly move my limbs. Again he put his trembling hands over my beautiful firm breasts. He cupped caressed squeezed and kneaded my breasts with both hands. He kissed and sucked my nipples. He asked me if my husband also suck my nipples like this. When I did not answer, he took my nipples between his teeth and rolled with his tongue making me moan. He kissed between my breast, my flat stomach and abdomen and my navel. He started kissing below my navel, slowly lowering his face to my mons. He nuzzled my mons while caressing my soft inner thighs. His fingers drummed my inner thighs. He kissed and licked my soft creamy inner thighs savoring the softness and fullness of my thighs. His face went up to the junction of my thighs. Suddenly he buried his face in my cunt, making me gasp. Agghh…, no please no I pleaded. I struggled and strained at my secured wrists and ankles which must have excited him even more. My tits started to heave. I jerked my loin and tried to close my thighs but he kept his face glued to my cunt. Helplessly bound and stretched over the bed I had to endure his lecherous probing tongue in the most intimate part of my beautiful body. His tongue started to go in and out deep in my cunt. He was tongue fucking me. He was sucking and lapping my love juice. His hands kneaded my soft inner thighs. He slipped his hand under my buttocks and raised my cunt so that he can suck and lick easily. Aaah…..aah I moaned. But tmye was no escape from his perverted lust. He ate my cunt to his hearts content. He could tongue me with all the liberty as my legs were spread wide apart and tied to the bed with strong ropes. His head was bobbing up and down. Slowly I started to like it. I wanted to feel his tongue deeper inside my cunt. Eat me, suck me dry, I moaned. I never knew such pleasure exists. I lifted my loin up as I felt his strong hands under my buttock to raise my cunt. My abdomen begins to jerk and flutter. Suddenly the muscles of my belly quivered with orgasm. At this point the pleasure is so intense it is almost painful. I tried to close my legs to stop him but in vain. He continues to suck my cunt and I had no choice but to endure the hard passionate thrust of his demanding tongue in my most intimate part. After a few moments, I orgasmed. He gave me respite only after this. I was completely exhausted and lay motionless. All this he did by pushing up my soft flowing skirt to my waist, but next he said that he will remove my skirt and make me completely naked for his next actions. I dare not ask what will be his next action, I did not care as I was completely exhausted and at his mercy. I was resigned to my fate. But when he started to unbutton my skirt buttons I pleaded him to spare this last cover of vanity of my feminine self. My last hope was dashed when he opened the last button and opened the skirt to make me completely naked. I felt him sitting between my widely stretched thighs secured at ankles to the bed railing. Caressing my calves and thighs he said that wants to give some relief to me and untied my ankles from the bed railings. I was so exhausted that I did not try to move my legs or resist. He caressed, fondled, and squeezed my shapely, smooth, creamy thighs and calves. He felt and rubbed my knee hollows. I did not offer any resistance. He remarked that he likes my long slim legs very much and the slight heaviness and fullness of my thighs and calves reminds him of me sexual maturity . He remarked, lying between these stretched thighs will be heavenly. He said that today he will give me the experience of being fucked in the state of helpless bondage. He pressed his palm to my inner thighs to spread them furtmy apart. I did not offer any resistance and allowed my helpless body to be handled as he liked. He kneaded and pinched my inner thighs hard making me tremble in pain. His hot palm felt my trembling and quivering thighs. He said my that he wants to hear my moaning of pain and pleasure, but if I shout he will inflict more pain and gag me. I did not shout. I was resigned to my fate. He did not untie my wrists from the bed railings so I was kept stretched over the bed with my shapely arms stretched above my head and secured at my wrists. He gripped my ankles and bent my legs at my knee and knelt over me. Sensing what is going to happen next I pleaded him not to ruin me by raping me in this helpless condition. But he took no notice of my pleading and said that he will not let me go before enjoying my beautiful body to the fullest extent possible. He said that, as I have to give the supreme sacrifice of my chastity to his carnal desire I should see the weapon and the person wielding it before and during the sacrifice .Saying this he removed my blindfold .At this point I noticed his dick. Oh my, it was huge. I knew that I had to endure lot of pain to take this huge tool in my tight cunt as I felt tight even with my husband’s not very large tool. He with his huge cock in his hand knelt between my legs. Holding my thighs from below my knees in tight grip he pressed my thighs to my chest. He pressed harder so that my knees almost touched my breasts. My thighs were now in a wide V, revealing every feminine secret I had. As I was too exhausted to resist I again pleaded don’t please don’t, I whimpered softly. He took no notice of my pleading He was stroking his huge dick and making it ready for the impending job. He aimed his massive cock at my helpless vagina. As the golf ball sized head touched and parted the slit I knew what was in store for me. Nooooo… I cried out faintly, as if it will stop my ravishment. This pervert now has me tied helplessly in naked and most vulnerable condition in the bed. As he started pushing his dick inside me inch by inch I threw back my head. My head moved from side to side in great pain. Ahh… It hurts ahh… I moaned. Pleeeease take it out. I could not take it will tear me I whimpered. You are acting like a virgin but I understand you are not a virgin he said. My body was quivering, my tits heaving, my shapely thighs trembling. He took no notice of my whimpering and kept on pushing I could not believe his huge cock fit inside my tight little hole… aaaahhh I gave out a sharp cry of pain as the entire shaft went deep inside my cunt with one hard shove. Aghh …,I gave a muffled scream. Mr. Sam has taken my chastity. He was hurting me very much, as he was using brute force to penetrate my tight cunt. But now I was liking it and enjoying the pain. Now I understood what Mr. Sam was telling as the pleasure of pain. My cunt opened it self to the huge shaft. I was astonished to see the big knob disappear into my tight hole, cunt lips stretched nearly to the tearing point to accept him. Ahh… nooou… aaagg I whimpered again as I felt the huge cock sliding inside my body; I tried vainly to escape the penetration. But he went sliding right down into me. I sobbed as I felt the big knob driving itself deep in my belly. I was highly exited seeing his massive, shiny, black, eight inch tool disappear inside my flat milky white belly. I felt filled up inside. His tool was buried to the root in my cunt .His big balls resting on the lower cheeks of my twisting ass. He was taking long deep strokes, Withdrawing and then driving all the way back into my belly again. I could see my wide spread legs held in tight grips and feel his huge balls thudding silently against my rear end each time he plunged into me. My naked body was being rocked by the violence of his down ward lunges the supple, creamy flesh of my thighs jiggling firmly in rhythm. Aaah….aaah…..aaah I was sobbing in rhythm. I could not believe his huge cock fit inside my tight little hole… but in a few seconds the entire shaft was deep inside me with one hard shove. He pumped me savagely. Strangely it did not seem bad. I was experiencing the forbidden. That is being fucked by somebody otmy than my husband. He pumped and gasped and smacked against me. At this time the door bell rang, but he took no notice of it. The door opened and there stood my husband. Oh my, he has not bothered to lock the door. My husband was dumbstruck at the scene. Tmye was his young beautiful wife lying naked on the bed, hands stretched above my head, tied to the bed railings, and the old but stout man kneeling over my, taking my long legs over his muscular shoulder, his paw like hands kneading my pert shapely breasts, fucking me with gay abandon. But Mr. Sam did not stop even for a moment and went on fucking me right in front of my husband. For a moment I felt shamed, but next moment I felt the exhilaration of experiencing the forbidden. I looked the otmy way and went on enjoying the brute strength of this old but strong virile man with my whole body. I felt the sweet ecstasy of getting stirred deep inside my cunt by his strong huge tool. I felt his huge tool stirring inside my abdomen. He went on fucking me while my husband kept standing. I think he was getting some perverse kind of delight by fucking me in front of my husband. I lay tmye helpless and passive in the perverse and forbidden act. With each thrust my excitement was rising, though I tried to control it. I was experiencing the both the pain and pleasure of a real hard fuck by this old but strongly built and sexually very capable man. He slowed down to lengthen the fuck. This man must know a lot about women body. Even while fucking me hard he rubbed and squeezed me in places of my soft yielding body I hardly knew existed to increase my arousal. Because though I was getting violated and raped, I was sexually aroused I moaned and sighed deeply and heaved my breasts and lied relaxed and enjoyed the vigorous fuck. He lightly touched me on the most susceptible parts of my body- my armpits, navel, belly and abdomen and the soft, tender, creamy insides of my thighs. I was losing all senses but I knew this was a fuck such as I have never experienced before, halfway between pain and pleasure, as the huge prick pushed deep into my vaginal passage, to nudge inside my belly. I forgot that my husband was standing a few feet away from the bed. I forgot that it was only a contract I had to keep. I forgot that the old lecmy was having me forcibly; my mind was only on the fuck. Aaaah fuck me harder I moaned, put it deeper I urged him. But he wanted to arouse me further. Does your husband fuck you this hard? he asked . Nooo I moaned answering him. Does he knead your boobs so strongly? He asked while kneading them mercilessly. Ahhh no. I answered. He taunted my husband asking if he enjoys seeing another man having me. See your wife is being fucked really hard he said. I was looking other way but he held my face and forced me to look at my husband. He asked me not to close my eyes as he wants my husband to see the joy of getting a good fuck in my eyes. He asked him if I look satisfied by the fuck. He did not answer. But he asked Mr. Sam that if I was enjoying why did he tied my to the bed? Mr. Sam replied that this is to increase the sexual pleasure for both of us. And I felt it was true. As the feeling of complete helplessness at the hands of my sexual partner gives special excitement. What Mr. Sam did not tell and was equally true it was also to restrain me in pain inflicting sexual acts like biting, pinching and kneading and force me to any other y act which I may not agree. Like I would have never agreed to let Mr. Sam eat my cunt on my free will. But I must agree that at the end lying naked with arms and legs stretched wide, wrists and ankles tied with ropes to the bed and an almost stranger Mr. Sam eating my cunt was wildly exiting, even though I was shamed at first. Mr. Sam rammed me faster I went rigid under him, the muscles trembling in my thighs and abdomen, goose pimples crawled over my soft flesh He was coming in me and I could feel it too. Aaaaah I moaned deep and long then I came and came and felt his huge prick leaping inside me injecting huge amount of hot semen inside me. Even at my climaxing moment when I almost swooned from the feeling of Mr. Sam’s leaping prick deep inside me Mr. Sam forced me to look at my husband by holding my face in his strong paw like hand to enhance the forbidden ness of the fuck. I was feeling another man other than my husband squirting semen deep inside my belly. Strangely it did not seem bad. I was experiencing the forbidden. He pumped and gasped and smacked against me shooting huge load of semen into my warm receptive belly. But his hard on will not go at all when he took out his prick it was ram rod straight. And he remarked that he is ready for a good two times. I was totally exhausted from the hard fucking and requested to be spared. But Mr. Sam wanted another round. So my will did not matter. He asked my husband if he will allow the second round. My husband said that he has no objection, but asked if it was safe to subject my to another bout of fucking, Mr. Sam said he have had woman five, six times with out any harm and he has known gang rape victim getting fucked by thirteen men with out any serious damage with such lovely figure she can endure three times easily. As I had no strength left my legs flopped to the bed Mr. Sam knelt between my legs. Holding my thighs from below my knees in tight grip he pressed my thighs to my chest. He pressed harder so that my knees almost touched my breasts. He took my legs over his shoulder and knelt over me. My thighs were now in a wide V. I did not offer any resistance and allowed him to spread my beautiful, long, slim thighs as wide as he liked. Cum was oozing from my vagina. But the Mr. Sam was unmindful of it and started inserting his huge tool in my cunt lubricated from the previous fuck. He did not untie my wrists this time also. I was fucked so hard by the virile man that I almost fainted. But when he wanted a have me a third time I wanted to protest .But I was almost senseless my body was like a rag doll. Again my husband agreed. But this time it was different, but I only felt it when I was at his mercy. I was in the same position, wrists tied to the bed railing, legs over his shoulder, in the classic position for intercourse. But this time after rubbing his prick at the entry of my cunt thus lubricating his thick hard prick, from the cum of previous two fuck he aimed his prick at my tight virgin anus. I was completely taken aback by his action, and cried out in pain as he pushed hard. But I was so weak from previous two fuck that all I could manage was a feeble cry of pain. Noo pleeeese not there I feebly moaned. He pushed harder. Noooh I again moaned in vain. Too late! the big golf ball size glistening head was starting to enter my bottom hole. The tight rim of my virgin bottom hole was yielding. Amid all my moans and cries the tight ring of my anus gave allowing entry of the head of his penis. He inserted the long thick prick a few more inches. Ahhh noo please take it out I moaned feebly. Ohh it’s too b..b..big tmye! Ahhh! No-oooh! My husband thought it was a normal as a little pain can be there after two bouts of heavy fucking. It was like thousand pin prick in the anus,it felt as if a sword was getting inserted there. I had to endure the pain as he pushed relentlessly. Feeling the resistance of my rectal muscle he asked me to relax my rectal muscle ,otherwise I will have to endure more pain, as he is not going to take it out, but put it in completely. I almost fainted from the idea of taking his whole eight inches in my rear passage. Tay-ake …it…out please. I cried out in pain, as he pushed again. Tears started rolling from my wide open eyes. It was my undoing. The sight of my tear streaked face and wide open frightened eyes excited him so much that with a growl he fell upon me and with a single powerful lunge buried his long thick prick in my virgin anus And after what seemed an eternity he was still. I felt filled by it. Oh, it is so b…b..big! Relaxing a little for the first time from when he started the assault on my anus. I moaned softly. He knew it was the signal of my surrendering my virgin bottom hole to him. It pleasures you, he asked. Noo..I moaned. It’s giving me pain. Wait and relax the pain will change to pleasure. He started fucking my ass slowly, while my husband was not even aware that his wife was getting ass fucked five feet away from him. Aah..aah..aah…aah.. I sobbed with his each lunge and slowly the pain gave way to pleasure. I started looking forward to a deeper, harder plunge from him. Mr.Sam was experienced enough to recognize my desire from my face and eyes. He pressed my knees harder to my chest. This gave him a deeper penetration. He now fucked me like mad. He was making a growling sound He was coming I was also coming. My face flushed, Ahhhh….ahhh a deep moan came out from my open mouth, I felt filling of my cunt with secretion, as orgasm after orgasm raked my body. As I felt him shooting huge load of cum in my innards .Again at this time he held my face and forced my face towards my husband, so that he can see every emotion of my face. He even asked my husband that does he think his wife is enjoying the action. Slowly he took out his prick after squirting huge quantity of cum in side my anus which oozed both from my anus and cunt. He thanked my husband for allowing having me in front of him. He enquired my husband that if he enjoys seeing another man having sex with my then we are always welcome in his home. He told that he is also good in rough sex and bondage. Which by now I knew by heart. It took me a good two hours before I could find my composure and could lift myself from the bed. For a good one hour I could not move a limb. After my husband untied me from the bed and massaged my limbs I did manage to get up. Later I got fucked by many men, but this fuck by this virile old man was my most exhausting, exiting and memorable fuck so far. I still remember receiving and some how enjoying the pain he inflicted while lying naked, tied up helplessly in his bed. I also think that the presence of my husband while I was getting fucked increased the pleasure many time in lieu of its forbiddeness.

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