Creating Different Design Experiences With Fixtures

Rooms are empty canvasses until we get in there and really start putting in our personal and unique touches.  In the room we will have a base color on the wall that will set the initial mood.  From there we will need to add lighting, fixtures and artwork.  With most rooms’ simplicity is the key to success.

In the bathroom we want to focus on generic bathroom fixtures kenosha wi and lighting.  These fixtures will help to create a unique look and feeling for your room.  Here are some tips that will get you the best results.

Pick a centerpiece

When designing any room, you want to focus on a centerpiece.  This will be a general pattern, a main piece such as a faucet or light.  When you pick this centerpiece, you will design the rest of the room around that. 


You want to focus on a main color as well.  This color will be your main theme for the room.  You will want to have this color for your rugs, towels and other items that you will have in the room.  You will also want to have some variation and contrasting colors in the room as well.  Subtle color changes and accent colors will help tie everything together.

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Your lighting will tie everything together.  You will want to first work with natural light.  Natural light sources will help set the initial tone to the room.  This lighting will be what is most prominent throughout the day.  The artificial light should work in such a way that it will help to give substance and form to your room.

Accents and artwork

Finally, accents, artwork and personal touches will tie everything together.  These items can also change throughout the year for different seasons and holidays.  When we work with all of these components you can easily start to bring the overall look and feel of a room together.