3 Techniques Which Can Rebuild And Restore Bone Before A Dental Implant Procedure

Coping with missing teeth or a deteriorating bone structure has become a less stressful experience with dental implants’ prevalence. Dental implants not only equip you with the best smile but also protect your dental condition.

The health of your jawbone is the most crucial factor when it comes to acquiring dental implants. If your bone is not suitable, there are ways to rebuild and restore it.

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The process of getting tooth implants and undergoing bone restorations is fairly straightforward, yet serious. It calls for a need to get in touch with highly qualified and reliable tooth implant process tacoma professionals.

can be done in case your jawbone is not able to support dental implants?

Several techniques can be used to provide a solid foundation for teeth supported by dental implants. These techniques can also rebuild bone and restore your natural jawline. Three of them are as follows:

Augmentation Procedures

Bone augmentation procedures are used to regenerate and restore the bone in your jaw when it is incapable of supporting dental implants by itself. The most effective methods include using growth factors and bone additives to fortify the bone.


It may be possible that your jaw is not adequately wide to support dental implants. In such a case, bone graft materials are used to expand the jaw. The graft materials are added to a minor ride created per your jaw anatomy.


Missing teeth can cause lasting damage. In sinus elevation or sinus lift, bone is crafted below the sinus where natural bone may have deteriorated because of missing teeth.


Your natural jawbone needs to meet some minimum requirements for a successful dental implant procedure. There are more than just three ways to prepare your jaw for dental implants, should the need arise.

 It is best to have an extensive discussion with an experienced tooth implant process professional in your area.